2019 NRA Pistol Sectional Preliminary Results

The Preliminary Bulletin for the 2019 NRA Precision Pistol Sectional is posted below. We will be submitting scores to the NRA on or about March 18, so shooters are encouraged to review the results and advise if they have any discrepancies. Discrepancy reports received after 3/18/19 may not be honored.

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming matches:

June 9 & August 11, 2019 – NRA Conventional “2700″ Pistol Match September 14, 2018 – New York State Pistol Championship and CMP EIC Match September 15, 2018 – NRA Distinguished Revolver and CMP EIC Match

We are still concerned about slipping attendance. We really would like your feedback on the Match. What did we do wrong? What did we do right? If you want to submit comments anonymously, send them to our PO Box address: Ten X Shooting Club, PO Box 226, Lancaster, NY 14086.

A printable PDF copy of of the results can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Congratulations to all our award winners and we […]

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August 2700 Tournament – Preliminary Results

Good afternoon everyone:

We are pleased to be able to make available the preliminary results from our August NRA Approved Outdoor Precision Pistol Tournament. We enjoyed the company of 9 competitors, including one gentleman who came out from Syracuse. Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped to run the match. The preliminary results are available below.

Preliminary Results – August 2018 EIC Match

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Before we get to listing the results from today’s match, I want to say thank you to all of our volunteers who helped run today’s Western New York Outdoor Pistol League match and stayed to help run the Civilian Marksmanship Program Excellence in Competition Match. Without a doubt, our members make these events possible, and without YOU we would not be able to host these events.


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June 2018 2700 Match – Preliminary Results

We inaugurated the 2018 Tournament season with out first 3-gun, “2700” tournament on June 10. Eight competitors came out. We continue to look for ways to improve our matches and make them more dynamic and appealing to younger shooters, as well as our well seasoned cadre of competitors.

Preliminary results of the 2017 Pistol Championship

Thank you to all the competitors and especially all out volunteers for coming out and making this happen. The hours

August 2700 Tournament Preliminary Results

Thank you to all of the competitors and volunteers who came out to the match. We missed all of the regulars who went to West Virginia, but they had worse weather and we still had a good time. The preliminary results are below. The PDF of the results can be downloaded by clicking here. Results become final after the challenge period (challenge period ends 8/21/2016) and the paper match bulletin should go out that Monday.

Tournament Updates

The 2016 Tournament Calendar has been updated. Ten X will be hosting the following tournaments this year (as always, we are looking for volunteers to help run them) :

Calling all league shooters!

Hello to all our members!!

As I hope you all know, Ten X is hosting the NRA Sectionals this weekend. I’m urging you to come out and shoot one of the three days. (The only one close to being full is Friday with 14 at this writing).

I’d like to see Ten X strongly represented since we are the host. Last year we only had three competitors from the club which did not allow us to enter the team event (we needed 4). At this point, we only have two for this year. All in all pretty pathetic from a group I think should at least be interested in supporting our biggest annual “fundraiser” not to mention, as I mentioned, we are the host. The event costs $25.00 per shooter (90 shots). The club will pay for the additional entry cost of the team event (30 shots, additional […]

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January “1800” Tournament

UPDATE (04/19/2015): The awards program is attached here.

UPDATE (01/11/2015): Thank you to all of the competitors who attended and made the first 1800 we hosted in over a decade a success. The preliminary results of the match are found here.

We received approval from the NRA to host an “1800” pistol match in January and it has been christened the Winter Icebreaker 1800. The Program is attached below.

The match will be held at the indoor range, 853 Ransom Road, Lancaster, NY, on Saturday January 10, 2015, beginning at 9:00 am. Registration begins at 8:00 and mail-in or register-by-email is strongly recommended because we have received surprisingly strong interest.

Good Shooting,

Jim Gerstung, Match Secretary

Click here for the 2015 ICEBREAKER 1800 program.