New York Recertification Confusion

A local Buffalo, New York, television station ran a “news” segment early in the week of January 10, 2022, that resulted in dozens of panicked pistol permit holders phoning the Pistol Permit Office out of fear that their pistol permits were about to be suspended. Here is what you need to know.

The report incorrectly stated that all permit holders had to re-certify by January 15, 2022, and that this was part of the 2013 SAFE Act. Contrary to the local television reporting, not every pistol permit holder is “due” to certify this month.

In fact, the Legislature has NOT amended the re-certification provisions of the SAFE Act since it was passed in 2013. Under the SAFE Act, permit holders must certify his or her continuing eligibility to possess their permit every five (5) years. The deadline is a rolling deadline based on the year you obtained your permit. […]

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Erie County Clerk Updates Pistol Permit Procedures

Recently, the Erie County Clerk’s Office updated its procedures for persons submitting new pistol permit applications. Among the changes to the process, the Clerk is now requiring […]

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Updated Travel Info for Out of State Competitors

We have updated information concerning transporting firearms by out-of-state residents wishing to travel to New York for our registered NRA Tournaments. While New York State earns its reputation for being anti-gun, and possession of handguns without a New York State pistol permit is generally unlawful, New York makes an exception for out-of-state residents traveling to New York to attend an NRA or CMP approved competitive pistol match or league.

Information for U.S. Residents:

Residents of neighboring states are always welcome to attend our events. If you want to attend one of our matches, we recommend that you contact the match director to preregister for the match and request a match registration card or a confirmation email. The match director’s contact information is always listed in our match programs. Do bring the match program and your registration confirmation with you. Do bring your State’s license (CCW, FOID, etc.) with you, if your state issues one. Transport your firearms in a locked, opaque container. Transport ammunition in a separate locked opaque container. […]

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If You Have a Pistol Permit, You Must Re-Certify Now






You must obey the laws. This is a simple statement and it is true even when the law is flawed or unjust. People had to obey the law regarding Prohibition and many did not do that. However, it was the law during the Roaring Twenties and it caused great confusion, corruption and destruction.

If you made alcohol, transported, sold or possessed it, you committed a federal crime. It was a constitutional amendment and a serious crime. The big problem is that a high portion of our population didn’t like the law, didn’t obey it and it made organized crime more profitable. It was an abject failure and was finally repealed.

It made criminals out of “formerly” honest citizens. It also provided the funding for corrupting politicians and law enforcement as well as making the bootleggers and criminals rich. One would think that politicians would have learned […]

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SAFE Act Pistol Permit Renewals

The NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act of 2013 changed pistol permits into a renewable license. Renewal and re-certification of a permit holder’s eligibility is now mandatory and affects every one of our Members. If a pistol permit holder were to fail to re-new and re-certify his or her eligibility to possess a pistol license, that permit holder could (probably would) be charged with at least one Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year of incarceration. What follows is our current understanding of the process and how obtained this information:

On Tuesday November 18, 2014, the State Police gave a presentation to the State Association of County Clerks on the recertification process required under the New York State Safe Act.

A pilot of the recertification process will begin in January of 2015. Three counties will pilot the State Police renewal scheme: Albany, Schenectady and Fulton.

Under the SAFE Act and the State Police renewal process, you will need to verify the following information on your pistol […]

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Utah / Florida CCW Class

For anyone interested in obtaining a Florida or Utah CCW, enabling you to carry in up to 37 other states, Ten-X has arranged with Firearms Training of Western New York to host the class necessary to obtain your license in either state at the indoor range. The current dates are:

Erie County SCOPE announces change to pistol permit application rules

The following press release was received from SCOPE on Thursday. While the Pistol Permit Office had been gradually moving in this direction, it is now official policy.


Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 11:43:39 -0400 Subject: Erie County Pistol Permit Character References From: To:

To all Erie County Members:

I am pleased to announce that Pistol Permit Supervisor Will Fowler and Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard have agreed that when the Sheriff’s Dept is the investigating agency, applicants will no longer have to have all their character references from the same town they reside in. We have brought this issue up to the Pistol Permit dept. on a number of occasions recently and appreciate the cooperation and action taken by Supervisor Fowler and Sheriff Howard. Erie County SCOPE announces change to pistol permit application rules

How to Obtain a Pistol Permit in Erie County

To posses a handgun (revolver or otherwise) in New York State, you are required to have a pistol permit. Possess includes shooting, or even holding, not just owning. There are several steps that must be completed in order for a permit to be issued. These are the flaming hoops requirements that Erie County and the State of New York presently impose on Pistol Permit applicants.

In order to apply for a pistol permit in Erie County, you must be 21 years of age and be a resident of Erie County. You are not required to buy or own a gun at the time of application. (but you will be required to purchase or co-register one later in the process) Applicants must have instruction in the safe handling of firearms from a certified instructor, and proof of such training must be submitted with the application. The NRA ‘Basic Pistol’ Course fills this requirement. If you have been arrested, or charged with any offense except minor traffic infractions (speeding or […]

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