Pistol Licensing Articles:

1.  How to Obtain a Pistol Permit in Erie County, NY, by Chris Bennett

2. The SAFE Act Pistol Permit Renewal Process, by Peter Vasilion

Safety Training Video:

1. Ten X safety training video, by Mitch Vogel


Technical Shooting Articles:


Range Officer, Block Officer, Stat Officer and Scoring Juror duties:

1. How to be a Range Officer, by Bruce Matthies.

2. How to Be Block Officer, by Roger Goergen, DDS.

3. What is a Stat Officer, by Peter Vasilion, Esq.

4. How to serve on a Scoring Jury, by Peter Vasilion, with Doug White.

5.  Duties of the Block Officer, a quick chart, By Roger Goergen, DDS

6.  Sequence of Commands for the NRA Gallery Course, by Bruce Matthies.

(One of the common reasons people are shy about volunteering is they are not sure of what the job requires and they are embarrassed to say so.  These articles are dedicated to providing resources and instruction to help you, our member, help our club when it comes time to volunteer for various range duties.)


Basic First Aid for Gunshot Wounds


Stephen P. Halbrook | Are There Lessons for Us Today from Nazi Gun Control?