Info for Out of State Competitors

Interested in attending one of our tournaments but live outside of New York State?  Fear not!  You can attend our matches legally and securely.  New York State has notoriously strict gun control, and possession of a handgun without a State-issued permit is generally unlawful.  However, New York makes an exception for out-of-state residents traveling to New York to attend an NRA or CMP approved  competitive pistol match or league.

Information for U.S. Residents:

Residents of neighboring states are always welcome to attend our events.  If you want to attend one of our matches, we recommend that you contact the match director to preregister for the match and request a match registration card or a confirmation email.  The match director’s contact information is always listed in our match programs.  Do bring the match program and your registration confirmation with you.  Do bring your State’s license (CCW, FOID, etc.) with you, if your state issues one.  Transport your firearms in a locked, opaque container.  Transport ammunition in a separate locked opaque container.  Do not transport your firearms in a loaded condition and do not load your magazines until you reach the range.  Do not transport your firearms in the glovebox or console of your vehicle.  Do not bring any magazines that have a capacity of more than ten (10) rounds.  Please note, New York does not allow non-resident concealed carry and does not allow open carry.  Under no circumstances should residents of the United States attempt to travel to Canada with their firearms in the vehicle or on their person.  It is illegal to do so without a permit from Canadian Immigration.

Information for Canadian Residents:

Canadian residents can bring a firearm and ammunition into the United States for hunting and sport.  All of the “do’s and don’ts” listed above apply to our Canadian friends.  In addition to obtaining a match registration card or a confirmation email, Canadian competitors must apply for an ATF permit and complete an ATF Form 6NIA  (Application / Permit for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens).  For expedited processing, you may fax the ATF Form 6 NIA to (304) 616-4554.  For more information, contact the ATF Firearms and Explosives Import office by email at  Processing times for the ATF permit can be up to three months, so start planning your trip early!  Also, once issued, the permit is valid for one year.

Information for Military Teams and Personnel:

Ten X welcomes military teams and competitors at our matches.  We have in the past welcomed Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and FBI teams at our State Championship, Regional, and Sectional tournaments.  Military Personnel should contact the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station for VQ/VOQ information and amenities.  This link will take you to the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station Support Squadron:

Lodging Information:

Ten X Shooting Club maintains an indoor range and a separate outdoor range located 13 miles apart.  Fortunately, there are a number of accommodations near both ranges — at most 15 to 20 minute drive from the range.  There are several motels situated near Interstate-90 exits 49 (Depew / Buffalo) and 52 (Cheektowaga / Buffalo) that are convenient to our range.  Also, we allow match attendees to park their RVs or campers at our outdoor range.  There are no sewer or electrical hook-ups, however, and overnight parking is at your own risk.  Please contact the match director or more information.

Legal Information & Disclamer:

At the time this was published, New York Penal Law § 265.20[a][13] contained the exception permitting non-resident firearm owners to attend events within New York.  The Federal Immigration and Naturalization Act contained the regulations governing cross-border travel with firearms.  Laws are constantly changing and it is the duty of the competitor to verify the information above is still correct and applicable.  The information contained here is for education purposes only and does not constitute legal advise.  Ten X and the author(s) of this page are not liable for changes in the law and the consequences of any person misapplying the law to his or her situation and getting arrested.   Also, the law is not some sort of magical shield that prevents a police officer from arresting you if he or she thinks you are in violation of the law.  Hundreds of arrests and charges are tossed out every year because the policeman was mistaken — they are human, after all.

Our police and border agents do a difficult job and just want to come home alive at the end of their shift.  Be polite.  Be professional.  Don’t argue.  Lastly, the exceptions in the law that permit you to travel to New York to compete were intended for a competitor who is coming to a match and returning directly home.  The exception has a time limit:  do not abuse it by doing touristy things before or after the match.  Leave the guns home if you are going sightseeing.