Junior Marksmanship Program

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time our youth shooting program is suspended due to Covid 19. When the requirements and restrictions of social distancing are lightened/lifted we will reassess and update via this page and our website homepage. If you would like to be added to our youth shooting program distribution e-mail list, please e-mail Youth Shooting Program Corodinator, Matt Giansante, at matt@olm1.com. Thank you

Ten X is proud to host a junior marksmanship program designed to introduce young people to the proper, safe and responsible handing of firearms in a supervised environment.  Since introducing our program in 2017, we have hosted scouting programs and police explorer clubs in addition to our weekly program.  At the present time, we have two programs: an Open/Recreational Program and an Instructional Program designed to introduce juniors to competitive shooting.  Many instructors are National Rifle Association  certified instructors, and are assisted by experienced shooters. Several of our program instructors have participated and instructed in Three-Position shooting while others have years of experience in long- range shooting, as well as rifle and shotgun hunting.

Open / Recreational Marksmanship Program (ages nine and up)


Days – Second and Fourth Fridays of each month, running the fourth Friday of September through the second Friday of May (see calendar for complete schedule) from 6:30pm to 9:00pm (new shooters arrive at 6:00pm for a safety orientation)

Format – Open / Recreational Shooting – safety review every session and introductory instruction in shooting for those who are new to the sport.

Firearms – BB Guns (ages nine through eleven) Pellet Guns (ages nine and up) Smallbore / 22lr (ages 12 and up) Firearms, ammunition and all safety equipment are supplied for all – participants may provide their own firearms, subject to safety inspection by the Youth Shooting program staff.

Suggested Donation – $3.00 per student per session.

Location – Ten X indoor range; 853 Ransom Road in Lancaster.

Additional Details

The Open/Recreational program runs on the second and fourth Friday of every month (September through second Friday in May) from 6:30pm to approximately 9pm, at our indoor facility, located at 853 Ransom Road in Lancaster (see the calendar on this website for exact dates and any exceptions.)   In the event of inclement weather, we follow the Lancaster Central School closing policy – if school or after-school activities are cancelled on a shooting day, our program is also cancelled for that day. As well, if there are any travel advisories issued for the area in and around our range, shooting will be cancelled.

There is a very modest $3.00 range fee to cover consumables.  Range fees may be waived in the event of hardship — no child will be refused to participate if cost is a concern. Membership in the Ten-X Shooting Club is not  required by participants or their parents/guardians, although we encourage parents to join and become active in our adult program for their own enjoyment!    Parents are required to remain on-site while the youth are shooting (no “drop-offs” please). Parents/Guardians who have experience in the shooting sports are encouraged to assist in the BB Gun and Air Rifle program as we are always looking for any help we can get to keep the program running smoothly. Parents generally are not involved in the participation of the small bore shooting program.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please e-mail our Youth Shooting Program Coordinator, Matt Giansante, at matt@olm1.com. We also open our range for instruction and shooting to organizations that would like to shoot as a group, such as scout troops and Explorer troops. You may e-mail for more information on this, as well.

Instructional Marksmanship Program (ages 12 and up)


Ages12 and up ONLY. The Instructional Program uses our .22LR rimfire rifles and air rifles exclusively. Per New York State law, only youths who are age 12 and above may use the .22LR rimfire rifles. Ages 11 and under should attend our Open/Recreational shooting on the Second and Fourth Fridays.

Days – Second and Fourth Fridays of each month, starting the fourth Friday in September and running through the second Friday in May (see calendar for complete schedule) from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Format – A combination of instruction in Three-Position, Four-Position and Prone courses, along with shooting for score. This program is for those who have experience in shooting small bore / 22lr rifles. (For those new to the sport, please see our Open/Recreational Shooting program page)

Firearms – .22 LR rimfire rifles. We have Anschutz target rifles and Ruger American target rifles. Ammunition and all safety equipment are supplied for all – shooters may provide their own firearms, subject to safety inspection by the Youth Shooting program staff.

Suggested Donation – $3.00 per student per session.

Location – Ten X indoor range; 853 Ransom Road in Lancaster.

Additional Information

This is not a beginner program – participants should have experience with small bore (.22 LR rimfire) rifles BUT they need not be familiar with competitive shooting techniques – instruction in those techniques is what is offered in this program.

This program is designed for those young shooters who wish to significantly improve their shooting skills, and ultimately seek to shoot competitively as part of the Ten X Competitive Shooting Team, under the direction of Coach Leif Johnson and Peter Vasilion

Instructors in the program are experienced three and four position shooters, and will spend significant time teaching the shooters how to safely, properly, and successfully shoot competitively.

For more information on this or any of our youth shooting programs, contact Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator at matt@olm1.com.

Click this link for our program brochure