Case-Gard Gunsmith Maintenance Centers For Sale

The youth program has some surplus equipment for sale. These are the Case-Gard “Gunsmith Maintenance Centers that are excellent for holding your rifles or shotguns while doing maintenance. The price is $15 each and are all in fine condition. These sell new on Amazon for $48. We have five available for sale. Any members interested please e-mail Matt Giansante at

Youth Shooting CANCELLED – Friday, November 18th

Our youth shooting program will not be held on Friday, November 18th. The Lancaster Central School District has cancelled classes for the 18th and as we follow their closing policy, we will be cancelled for this week. Our next session is Friday, December 2nd.

Ten X Youth Shooting Program – Instructors Meeting

Youth Shooting resumes on Friday, September 16th. There will be a meeting of all instructors @ 7pm on Monday, September 12th, prior to the 7:30pm general membership meeting, in the lower range ready room. We are in need of additional instructors for the upcoming season. If you are interested, please attend. For more information contact Matt Giansante (

2021/2022 Youth Shooting Season

Our final youth shooting session of the season was held this past Friday the 20th. We had great attendance for the final session and wrapped up the season with our annual pizza party and the awarding of NRA marksmanship certificates and patches for seven shooters. Thanks to Dan DeKruger for all his help on the marksmanship awards. And thanks to all the families who brought snacks and goodies for the party.

Overall we were very pleased with the season. Resuming a year and a half after we had to pause due to Covid we were not sure how the turnout would be. Happily we had great turnout from both returning shooters and many new shooters. We’re happy to report that since the founding of the program in 2016 (and our first shooting in the 2017/18 season) we are now over 100 individual participants who have shot with us. Considering that we had over a full year where we could not shoot due to Covid, this is a great accomplishment.


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Final Youth Shooting Session for the Season

This coming Friday, May 20th, will be the last session for the season for the youth shooting program. New shooters are welcome anytime – arrive @ 6pm if you’re new. Otherwise, first round downrange is 6:30pm.

Hope to see you this Friday!

Youth Shooting Update

Our second to last session of the year is this Friday, May 6th. We always welcome new shooters no matter where we are in the season so if you know of someone who wants to shoot with us for the first time, have them arrive @ 6pm. First round downrange will be @ 6:30pm.

Our final session for the season will be Friday, May 20th. For those who plan in advance our first session for the new season starting in the Fall will be Friday, September 16th!

Hope to see everyone this Friday.

Youth Shooting Update – March 13th

Our next shooting date is Friday, March 18th. First round downrange is 6:30pm. New shooters please arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

Following March 18th, our remaining shooting dates are April 1st, April 15th, May 6th and May 20th.

If you have any questions please e-mail Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator at

Youth Shooting Cancelled – Friday, February 4th

Per our policy to following the winter weather closing schedule of the Lancaster Central School District, as they are closed today, February 4th, there will be no youth shooting this evening. Our next shooting night will be Friday, February 18th. Stay warm and safe.

Youth Shooting Program Update – January 1, 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that the holiday season was wonderful for all of you. We’ll be back at it this Friday, January 7th – first round downrange @ 6:30pm. New shooters, as always, arrive @ 6pm for safety and firearms orientation.

We have good news for those who shoot downstairs. As a result of the November lottery funds raised, we were able to secure a case of 22lr ammunition and for the balance of this shooting season we’ll be able to drop the additional $5 charge for ammunition. So, the cost will be $5 per session whether you’re shooting upstairs or downstairs. Thanks to the many Ten X members and the youth shooting program families who supported our lottery as it allowed us to achieve our goal of removing the additional $5 ammo charge. And a reminder that anyone who wants to shoot but would find the cost to be prohibitive, our standing policy is that no kid is refused. Simply come shoot and don’t worry about […]

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Youth Shooting this Friday, October 1st

We had an excellent turnout back on September 17th for our first session since the Covid shutdown. All of us involved in the youth program weren’t really sure how things would go, but the response was great. We’ll be back at it this coming Friday, October 1st. First round downrange is @ 6:30pm. As always, new shooters are asked to arrive @ 6pm for a safety and firearms orientation. We will also have tickets for sale for the November lottery to benefit the youth program. We look forward to seeing new and returning shooters. E-mail Matt Giansante, Ten X Youth Shooting Program Coordinator at with any questions.